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Navteq Sees Engagement Rates Of Up To 11% For Hyper Local Ads

compass-dollar.gifMapping provider Navteq has released the results of its first hyper local ad campaigns, which saw engagement levels of between 4.49% and 11% on its LocationPoint advertising network.

These campaigns where delivered for national gas stations and restaurant brands throughout the US and performed 3 to 5 times better than the industry average. Click through rates ranged from 0.49% to 2.68%.

navteq-media-solutions-logo1.jpg“The campaign results exemplify the power of location when combined with search,” said Christopher Rothey, vice president, advertising, Navteq. “LocationPoint is the way to reach consumers when they’re in a mindset to buy.”

peugeotlogo.gifSeparately Navteq has announced that Peugeot is launching a campaign on LocationPoint which will feature call to actions such as “Click to Map” in order to drive traffic into one of Peugeot’s 428 retail locations across France.

This is the first Automobile brand to use LocationPoint in order to entice consumer to make a detour to their local dealer in order to test drive the Peugeot RCZ.

“The choice of medium reflects the technological spirit of the brand and the campaign complements the overall communication plan for the RCZ,” explained Marc Giulioli, Marketing Director Peugeot France. “The ability of NAVTEQ LocationPoint to generate traffic into the dealerships by targeting and engaging people on-the-go as they near points of purchase is a very powerful marketing tool.”


Finally Navteq also announced that Poynt a location based app available across most platforms has become the most recent publisher to join the LocationPoint network. Poynt works by connecting consumer to local businesses at the moment that they want to make a purchase.

“The combination of location and contextual search proved extremely effective in this series of campaigns,” said Andrew Osis, CEO, Poynt Corporation. “The results underscore the value to our users as well as to potential advertisers.”

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