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Permission Based Marketing -
Reach, Targeting, & High Conversion

yesyoucan.jpgOne of the biggest global trends in mobile advertising over the past few years has been the growth of massive opt-in databases and “permission based marketing“.

Many mobile operators now have databases containing information on millions of subscribers who have agreed to receive targeted advertising messages.

Out There Media has been very active in permission based marketing, especially in the fast growing Asia region. Now OTM, in conjunction with the MMA, has authored a white paper which shares data gathered from running many permission-based campaigns, and includes a set of recommendations to help grow this form of mobile advertising.

In this white paper, OTM offers a good definition of permission marketing:

“Popularised by Seth Godin, permission marketing is, “the privilege (not the right) of delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them”. It recognises that consumers have the ability (and the right) to ignore marketing, and instead, garners attention by treating consumers with respect. Consumers who have chosen to participate in a permission marketing programme have indicated their interest in a brand or product, and have offered to pay attention.”

Providing profile information

A key point in permission marketing is that the users actually provide information about themselves and their interests in order to make the advertising more relevant. The percentage of users who provide this information is very high, as shown in the chart below.



OTM makes the point that one of the biggest benefits of permission marketing is the extremely high conversion rate that is usually seen.

Their average conversion rate stands at above 25%, which is a very high rate.

Whereas in many forms of outbound marketing response rates range from .5% to 5%, mobile permission marketing is often many times higher than that.

Fabrizio Caruso, GM of Asia Pacific of Out There Media, said, “The popularity of Opt-in Mobile Advertising is growing daily in Asia, as it is clearly the most effective way for advertisers to reach the right audience today. There has never been a more targeted and engaging advertising medium, which, at the same time is viewed by the recipient as welcome, relevant and exciting.

The way forward

The white paper concludes that the key factors in maintaining successful long term permission marketing will be through three factors:

  • Permission: Gaining the consent of the consumer before launching marketing efforts ensures that they partner effectively with mobile marketing agencies
  • Privacy: Opt-in guarantees the privacy of the consumer, and gives the consumer’s attention a valuable return that savvy marketers can use to optimum effect.
  • Measurement: The point at which permission is given is also an opportunity to gather more information, which can help in crafting more effective campaigns as well as in measuring the success of recently-run campaigns.

Download this white paper and learn about permission-based marketing!

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