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MMA Forum Series

Sao Paulo: 18 August, 2011
London: 4-5 October, 2011
Los Angeles: 17 November, 2011

The Mobile Marketing Association Forum series has become the leading global platform for brands, agencies and publishers to share their experiences and success in mobile marketing.

2011 will be the year the consumer takes center stage in the world of mobile marketing. The MMA Forums this year will address four key aspects of this change and explore how Consumer Centric Engagement can deliver value to brands and marketers.

The MMA is dedicated to making mobile an indispensable part of the marketing mix and the Forums are the ideal way to promote the mobile channel, to educate the brands and agencies about the strengths of mobile, to highlight the measurability and effectiveness of mobile and provide guidance on the proper usages of mobile.

For more information, please visit the MMA Forum website.


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