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Automobile Enthusiasts Are Big Users Of Mobile

milleniall_car.jpgBuying a car is one of the biggest purchases most people make in their daily life. And it turns out that increasingly the mobile marketing channel is being used effectively to influence this purchase decision.

Millennial Media has released their latest Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting Report (SMART), which provides some very interesting information about mobile users who are interested in automobile content.

One of the main findings is that automobile enthusiasts use mobile very frequently to access mobile content about cars. Almost one quarter of them view automobile content on a daily basis, and over half at least weekly.


The report also looked at what objectives car manufacturers had in mind when launching mobile campaigns. Based on information from May 2011, the top goal was Product Launches and Releases (36%) followed by Increasing Foot Traffic (29%) and Sustained Market Presence (21%).


When it came to targeted campaigns, the report found that 1 in 2 campaign where targeted using either Demographics (36%), Local (33%) or behavioural targeting (31%).


Another very interesting report looks at what types of “post-campaign” actions were included in the campaigns.

The most popular by far were Site Search, Store Locators and Viewing Maps, which were included in about 67% of all campaigns.


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