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eBay’s Mobile Momentum

ebay-on-mobile.jpgMobile commerce is rapidly moving into the mainstream of everyday life, with major retailers reporting very rapid growth of sales through the mobile channel.

eBay is one of the internet’s most successful retailers, and over the years has made a major commitment to growing their mobile business.

Now eBay has revealed some impressive numbers about their growing mobile momentum.

ebay_on_iphone.gifeBay views itself as a leader in mobile commerce, with offerings for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 platforms.

The iPhone and iPad apps are consistently rated in the Top 5 in the US iTunes store, and according to eBay, the app lets users “browse over 200 million listings on eBay, comparison shop with its built-in barcode scanner, list items for sale in under 60 seconds and uncover eBay’s Daily Deals.”

Revenues are growing

ebay_on_winphone7.gifeBay reports that they generated nearly $2 billion in GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) during 2010. This was nearly triple the revenue seen in 2009. In 2011, eBay is expecting to generate about $4 billion in GMV.

The busiest day of mobile shopping for eBay in 2010 was December 12, which a GMV of $13 million, more than double the previous year.

This revenue comes about 50% from the US sales. Leading international markets for eBay mobile include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK.

What people are buying

So what are people buying using their mobile? The anwer is that it depends on where you are, but certainly Fashion and Vehicles are very popular. eBay reports the following leading product categories for certain markets:

  • US: #1 Fashion, #2 Vehicles
  • France: #1 Fashion, #2 Collectibles
  • UK: #1 Vehicles , #2 Fashion
  • Germany: #1 Tech, #2 Fashion
  • Australia: #1 Vehicles, #2 Fashion

And we are not talking about just ringtones or CD sales, some of the items purchased are very expensive.

ebay_bentley.gifFor example, two of the top sales in the UK were a Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Edition for $95,938 and an 18kt gold luxury men’s watch for $20,555. In the US, a Vertu Signature Rose Gold cell phone sold for $26,800, and a Porsche Carrera GT went for an incredible $369,000!

A few more numbers

eBay included a few other interesting numbers that show just how popular mobile is become:

45,000,000 = the number of times eBay apps have been downloaded
400,000 = the number of new eBay listings added by mobile per week (May 2011)
2,000 = the number of cars sold on the basic iPhone app each week
10 = the number of minutes the average user spends on the eBay mobile site each visit
1 = the number of items bought by mobile each second in US and in UK

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