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Android vs. iOS:
Which Wins for Mobile Advertising?

apple_vs_android_inneractive.jpgA lot has been written recently about the competition between Apple and Google, and more specifically about the competition between devices built for Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android platforms.

Inneractive is a premier mobile ad mediation provider, with coverage in over 200 countries. They have put together a very informative infographic which compares the specific performance of mobile advertising on these two leading platforms.

When thinking about where to run your mobile advertising campaign, it is not only the total number of devices that is important, it is also how the consumers with those devices react to mobile ads. Click thru, average CPM, longevity, all of these are critical to a campaign’s success.

Take a look at the infographic below to get some real life information on how these two platforms perform for mobile advertising.


For more information on Inneractive, click below.

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