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Nokia Jumps Into Mobile Augmented Reality

nokia-logo.jpgAugmented Reality has been one of the most innovative leading edge mobile technologies over the past 18 months.

Now Nokia’s Beta Labs has announced LiveView, an Augmented Reality (AR) Browser for the N8, C7, and E7.

There are a number of AR browsers released from independent companies such as Layar and Wikitude. These have enabled a whole new category of mobile apps that integrate phone generated images with actual images from the phones camera (see links below).

According to Nokia, LiveView lets you easily find information and services on the go, and is a fun and easy way to discover what is around you. Live View uses the Ovi Places directory in order to find places of interest in your surrounding area, as shown in the image below.


It offers categories by which users can search with click to call, maps and share to friends options. The service also includes reviews of hotels and restaurants, allowing you to reserve a table through your mobile device.


Live View is also is closely integrated with Ovi Maps, which allows the browser to give you a turn-by-turn walking map to your destination.


While this browser does not offer anything new compared to others on the market, it is good to see Nokia bringing out a product in this area. AR has been an interesting technology for quite some time, but has not yet achieved mainstream adoption. Perhaps LiveView by Nokia will help drive and increase the consumer uptake of this technology.

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Finally, here is a link to the Nokia Beta Labs site where you can download LiveView.

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