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Mobile For B2B Marketing
Don’t Get Left Behind!

b2b_hands_250.jpgMost of the discussion over the past several years around mobile marketing has centered on the use of mobile for B2C (Business To Consumer) marketing, with big consumer brands often taking the lead.

However, there is a growing realization in industry that mobile is not limited to B2C, but in fact can be very useful in B2B (Business To Business) marketing as well.

Take a look at this whitepaper from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) which explains how B2B marketers can best make use of the mobile channel.

The MMA believes that B2B companies have in fact been falling behind their B2C counterparts, and have been missing an important chance to connect and interact with their key business audiences. The 3 key factors behind this are said to be:

1. lack of understanding of mobile
2. lower effort and risk from sticking to traditional media
3. lack of measurement of mobile results

However, B2B professionals are more and more on the move, and using mobile devices to get their jobs done.

“According to a recent Forbes Insight study in association with Google, many executives surveyed utilize a full array of devices for business purposes. On average, respondents had 3.46 devices each; CEOs (4.21 devices) and CFOs (4.22 devices) had the most (Forbes 2010).”

As with most marketing, using mobile for B2B begins with establishing your audience, objectives and the associated strategy. Only then can an effective evaluation of available technologies and techniques be made.

The MMA goes into detail on 8 key points that should be considered for effective mobile B2B marketing. These include the best use of mobile website, development of “snackable” content, use of video and audio, Social Media, and SMS. The basic message is summarized in the final point, which is “Think small and local, show more, tell less.”

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