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Tablets Becoming Mainstream,
But The Demographics Are Changing

kindle_reader.jpgTablet type devices – whether iPads, Galaxies, or Kindles – are becoming an accepted form factor for mobile connected device, and are developing a large installed base of users.

As publishers and advertisers increasingly target these consumers, they will need to understand more about the demographics of this group.

Nielsen’s latest US quarterly survey of mobile connected device owners reveals that these demographics are in fact changing rapidly.

Nielsen’s survey found two major shifts are occurring – a larger percentage of users are older than previously, and the percentage of women in the user group is growing rapidly.

The survey found that the percent of Tablet owners under the age of 34 dropped from 62% in Q3 2010 to only 46% in Q2 2011. For e-reader owners, the percentages dropped from 46% to 35%.

What is interesting is that a lot of the change is taking place in the age group that is over 55. For Tablets this segment almost doubled, growing from 10% in Q3 2010 to 19% in Q2 2011.


When it came to gender differences, there is an across the board increase in the percentage of women using tablets, e-readers, and even smartphones.

eReaders show very popularity with women, with 61% of all eReader owners are now female compared to 46% just 9 months ago in Q3 2010.

In the tablet market men still dominate with 57% market share, but this has dropped from 61% over the same period.


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