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Android Continues As Dominant OS

android-_1.gifThe latest Millennial Media Mobile Mix Report has seen impressive growth for Android devices, growing 15% month-on-month and remaining the number 1 OS on the Millennial network for the 8 consecutive month.

The success with the Android OS has also seen manufacturers of Android devices perform well with Samsung growing by 28%.

One interesting trend highlighted by Millennial’s data is the increasingly widespread use of wifi to access mobile sites. About one third of all impressions delivered by Millennial Media’s network where for devices that used Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Of these 53% came from a smartphone and 42% from a connected device.


The report also looked at what sort of input capabilities the mobile devices had. A important fact for brands developing mobile campaigns is that over three quarters of the devices had touch input, whereas less than one quarter were either keypad of Qwerty keypad only.


Finally the report also looked at underlying OS of the devices that are seeing the ads on the Millennial network. In terms of advertising spend, 48% of spend related to phones with the Android OS, while 43% came from iOS devices. The most popular application category in the Android market, again by ad spend, was games, representing about 1/3 of all spending.


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