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Google Launches Our Mobile Planet
Insights into smartphone usage and mobile attitudes

google-ourmobileplanet.gifThis week at the Mobile Marketing Forum in London, Google announced the launch of a new mobile consumer data resource, Our Mobile Planet.

The Our Mobile Planet web site provides users with free access to the full set of data from a major mobile market study commissioned by Google.

The market study is titled “Global Mobile Research: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer” and was conducted by Ipsos GmbH. The purpose of the study was to provide insights into how people are using their mobile devices and the readiness of businesses to engage consumers via mobile.

The study included included interviews with thousands of smartphone users in 30 different countries, plus a business-facing survey conducted in 5 countries (U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Japan) which incorporated over 1000 interviews with marketing decision makers.

It features an interactive tool to create custom charts that will deepen understanding of the mobile consumer and support data driven decisions on mobile strategies.

For example, if you would like to know what percent of people notice an ad in a mobile app and then visited the website, for the US, Japan, and Turkey, then these is how you would use Our Mobile Planet to answer that question.

Step 1: Select the information category you want
Advertising >> Mobile Advertising >> Awareness of mobile ads.
Then choose the specific data items In an app and Visited website.


Step 2: Select the countries you are interested in


Step 3: You see the charts!


There is also a drop down box that gives you the option to refine the subject of the survey by age, gender, and level of internet activity. And there are several additional options for types of graphs.


Nicole Leverich, Group Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Ads at Google said, “We commissioned this survey and have made the data freely available because we believe the shift to mobile is so fundamental that we need to do everything we can to help businesses adapt immediately.”

Check out Google’s Our Mobile Planet at Also, read Google’s announcement on the Google mobile ads blog.

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