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Google Show Huge Growth In Christmas Mobile Shoppers

iphone-christmasgift.gifGoogle has released some interesting data indicating that 44% of Christmas gift searches will be done via mobile this year compared to 20% last year and less than 2% in 2008.

This shows a huge year on year growth of almost 150%. Once the Christmas season is past, an ongoing growth rate of 35% predicted. This compares to desktop where Google only expects to see a 2% growth over the same period.

Google released data on shopping related searches for the US which shows very rapid growth over the year, with very strong peaks just before Christmas.


Simon Morgan, Google UK head of mobile advertising, said: “There is a great opportunity for businesses to reach their customers where they are; on mobile. Advertisers can take advantage of innovative mobile ad features to drive people to their web properties, increase footfall, or even grow phone traffic.

In the UK there are 3 spikes in mobile search during the festive period:

  • At the end of November, as consumers receive their last payday before Christmas
  • Just before Christmas Day, as last minute shoppers panic having not bought all their presents
  • At the start of the January sales

Google advises companies to make the most of this growth by integrating their mobile, tablet, TV and desktop advertising in order to maximise ROI.


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