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Branded Mobile Games – The Next Big Thing For Sports Stars?

ronaldo.pngMobile entertainment company RockLive, had a lot of success in 2011 through launching sport star branded mobile games.

Recent games include Mad Chad (Chad Ochocinco), Main Event (Mike Tyson), and now Heads Ups featuring Christiano Ronaldo.

The games differ from the gaming industry’s traditional use of celebrities to promote a sports simulation by offering various challenges using cartoon versions of that sports star.

tyson-main-event.jpgFor example in their first game Mad Chad (over a million users) users helped a cartoon version of American Football Player Chad Ochocinco find a lost pet pigeon. In their second game, called Main Event (over 2 million users), users where able to box against cartoon versions of celebrities including Mike Tyson.

Their latest title is Heads Up featuring footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Heads Up allows users to bounce colourful soccer balls off their head to gain points and has seen similar success with users playing more than 225 million minutes since it was launched at the start of December.

“A lot of celebrities are saying, I’ve done a great job with Twitter, but now what?” John Shahidi, co-founder of RockLive says. “Well, now they want mobile games.”

The games are developed in close collaboration with the athlete, giving it a more personal touch. For example, Mike Tyson helped to design some of the characters in Main Event, while Ronaldo wanted his pet dog to be included in Heads Up.

“If someone isn’t interested in being closely involved in the process, then we’re not interested in them, no matter who they are,” John says.

This format seems to be here to stay as the company is planning to release games featuring NBA player Kevin Durant and sprinter Usain Bolt in 2012.

“What we’re finding is athletes really want to get more eyeballs and build their followers online, because that’s where the world is going” John says. “Games are a new way for them to expand their reach worldwide.”


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