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“Multi-screen Advertising” Proven Effective

3screens.gifThere has been a lot of discussion in recent months about the idea of multi-screen advertising – in other words showing the same or similar ad on different devices, with the intent to reinforce the advertising message to the consumer.

Now Google has partnered with Nielsen and CBS’s Television City media lab to investigate this advertising approach and provide specific, quantitative test results.

As reported in Google’s Mobile Ads Blog, the results clearly demonstrate that multi-screen advertising can have a major impact on branding.

For the test group that saw the advertisement for a Volvo only on the TV screen, the brand recall was 50%.

However, for the group that saw the ad on all screens – TV, mobile, PC, tablet – the brand recall jumped up to 74%.


In terms of consumers understanding and recalling more details about the advertisement, it is clear that multi-screen advertising is also effective in this regard.

39% of consumers who viewed the ad on all screens were able to correctly identify that the ad featured a 4-door Volvo. For those the only saw it on TV, the recall was about half that at 22%.


With the huge amount of money being spent on television advertising, it won’t be surprising if many brands begin to use a multi-screen strategy to leverage the results of their investment.

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