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Mobile Industry 2012

crystal_ball-2012.gifAs has become a tradition in recent years, Chetan Sharma has produced his annual Mobile Industry Predictions Survey.

Each year, Chetan contacts a wide variety of leaders in the mobile industry to see what they feel will be the key trends in the upcoming year, as well as what they thought were the most interesting and important developments during the previous year.

It always makes for interesting reading!

The survey looks at many current topics related to the mobile industry, and offers a good view of what the industry’s key players see as the most important trends to watch for.

The full report covers a wide variety of topics, from top mobile stories, popular application categories, fast growing new technologies, platform wars, business models, and more.

Below are a couple of the slides from the survey, illustrating points that we thought were especially relevant. At the bottom there is a link to the entire study.

#1 – Breakthrough Categories for 2012 will be mobile payment and mobile commerce.


#2 – The dominant revenue model for apps will include both advertising and in-app billing.


#3 – Tablets are expected to become the leading Enterprise IT device (and people believe that it is more likely that we will find water on another planet than another significant mobile OS will emerge!).


You can see the entire survey results on Chetan’s website, or on slideshare.
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