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Facebook Announces New Ad Placements

facebook-logo1.gifFacebook has announced the introduction of a series of new ad products, including for the previously advert-free mobile platform.

The announcement came as little surprise, following the company’s IPO filing a few weeks ago in which they conceded that didn’t “generate meaningful revenue” from mobile users.

At the first ever Facebook Marketing Conference, it was also announced that the company would be moving away from its reliance on the traditional display ads by integrating them into users news feed.

Ads placed directly in users’ news feeds will take greater prominence, but Facebook stressed the content would be relevant to each individual based on their current interests and usage. Users will not see adverts in their news feed unless they or a friend have previously interacted with the brand.

Premium, the new suite of products for marketers, will also introduce adverts on log out as well as ‘Offers’ – a service that is free for advertisers to use and will bring discounts and promotional offers to users.


Premium will place a lot more emphasis on the branded Pages, with Facebook hoping to make these status updates indistinguishable from those of a user’s friends, that is as long as the company posts an interesting update.

Whether the new strategy will alienate users and end up being a step backwards for the giant, only time will tell. It is clear, however, that Facebook was in desperate need of introducing mobile advertising to improve monetisation across the network as it moves to a publicly-listed company.

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