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Twitter Launches Sponsored Tweets On Mobile

twitter_logo.jpgTwitter has announced the introduction of sponsored tweets into the timelines of mobile users for the first time.

Users who access Twitter via an Android or iPhone app will begin to see promoted tweets in their feed, on top of the pre-existing promoted trending topics.

Rob Enderle, principle analyst at the Enderle Group said: “They need to be monetizing every user, whether they’re accessing the site from a mobile device or a computer.”

“It’s critical because without the money from ads they can’t expand their services.”

Twitter stressed that, like Facebook’s news feed adverts, content would be entirely relevant to each individual.

Justin Barr, COO of Tapit Mobile Advertising, pointed out that Twitter’s public format could mean it benefits from advertising in a much bigger way than other sites.

“Twitter has a lot of behavioural data on users. Being able to take this behavioural data and immediately serve relevant Tweets, those ads can become more targeted, and that’s a way that they can take a pretty big slice of that mobile pie, a slice that other mobile advertising competitors won’t be able to do.”

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