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Apple Makes iAD More Attractive,
Increases Payout To Developers

apple_logo1.gifApple has increased the revenue given to developers who use the company’s iAd mobile network, in an attempt to increase usage of the struggling business.

Developers will now receive 70% of the revenue generated by ads on their apps, up from 60% before.

As a further indication of iAd’s continuing troubles, the minimum spend to initiate a mobile advertising campaign on the platform has again been lowered to $100,000. This compares to last February, when the minimum spend was five times that amount, and when iAD was launched in 2010, companies were asked to pay at least $1,000,000 to kick things off.

Launched almost two years ago after Apple bought mobile ad specialists Quattro Wireless, iAd was widely expected to compete with Google’s AdMob, although so fare it has struggled to gain traction.

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