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Social TV World Summit

22 to 23 May, 2012
London, UK

The Social TV World Summit will be a key opportunity for broadcasters, new media, operators, vendors, analysts, developers and OTT players to network and discuss the emerging role of social TV for future revenue strategies.

Our lives are consumed by liking, tweeting, sharing and following now. Social Media has opened up new worlds to us by allowing us to access shared content which before we never knew would have existed. Log on to twitter any day of the week and you will see the main discussions revolve around what people are watching.

This represents a great opportunity for the broadcasting industry. Many Broadcasters see Social Media as a major way to evolve the brand relationship with their audience and drive new revenue streams.

Therefore at this critical time when the major brands are starting to harness the potential of social media and increase their revenue streams, we present to you the Social TV World Summit 2012. The Social TV World Summit will go beyond simple discussions about the development of multiscreen.

It will address both the business and the technical considerations in how Social TV platforms should be included into effective and intelligent operator and broadcaster engagement strategies.

For more information, see the conference website.

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