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Mobile Technology Meets Fashion
In CHIC Chinese Fashion Show

aninaheadshot360fashion.jpgDuring the recent China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) a special zone showcasing how fashion brands can harness the latest mobile technologies was created by 360Fashion Network.

The zone allowed visitors to experience the power of augmented reality, QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC), all of which have been touted as next big things in the mobile industry.

Chen Dapeng, executive vice president of China National Garment Association, said: “We have been hosting CHIC for the last 20 years; with 360Fashion’s participation and support this year, we are able to show the world that we are in pace with the new technologies for fashion brands.”

In addition, 360Fashion hosted a number of lectures on the subjects of mobile technology, mCommerce, technology fabrics and social media.

360Fashion Network’s founder and CEO, Anina Net, said: “Working with CHIC is a great step forward for fashion and technology globally. The fashion industry is struggling to understand how to leverage mobile and social technologies into their traditional businesses. With this exhibition we can clearly show brands how these new interactive media can support their collections and bring them into contact with customers.”

Mobile technology in China’s fashion industry is a relatively untapped goldmine, but has the potential to be huge: an estimated one billion adults have mobiles in the country, 180 million of those are smartphones – a market that is predicted to grow to 500 million by 2015.

Here are some scenes from this amazing event.

The Technology Zone


Augmented Reality


Fashion Apps


QR Codes


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See more images from CHIC:

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