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The Hotter The Day – The Less You Pay!

hotter-the-day_200×289.jpgBudweiser Ice Cold Index

Beer is of course a very popular drink in Ireland, and most people already have a favorite brand of beer that they drink on a regular basis.

So what can a beer brand do to encourage Irish men to try a different beer when they go to the pub?

Budweiser found the answer to this challenge in a very innovate mobile campaign that provided mobile coupons whose value varied according to the local weather!

Objective: Engage the young male population of Ireland

Budweiser’s objective for their summer 2011 campaign was quite straightforward – to entice the young male population of Ireland to try Budweiser beer when they went to the pub.

Engagement is the usually the key to effective mobile marketing, and the best ideas for engagement are often built on existing consumer habits.

In this the case, the idea was brilliantly simple: when the weather gets hotter, people like to drink a nice cold beer. So the campaign was built around a mobile couponing app whose value varied depending on the local weather.

“The Hotter it Gets, The Less You Pay”

This was the key slogan for the Budweiser Ice Cold Index campaign.

In essence, the Budewieser Ice Cold Index app provided coupons directly to the handset of consumers, to give them a discount on a pint of Budweiser at participating local pubs.


  • When the temperature was 15°C or below, the voucher gave no discount
  • at 16°C or 17°C , the voucher gave a €1 discount.
  • at 18°C or 19°C , the voucher gave a €2 discount.
  • And if the weather was 20°C or warmer, the consumer was able to receive a pint of Budweiser absolutely free.

bud_cold_pub-code.jpgTo redeem the voucher, consumers could just go to a participating pub, the barman would give them a special code which they could enter into their phone to get receive a coupon and the discounted beer.

The app also included loyalty rewards for Budweiser Ice Cold drinkers along with pub finder and bar reviews. During the campaign, 2,500 pubs and bars participated!

And to get maximum reach among the target audience, the app was built to run on all the most popular mobile handset platforms, including iOS, Android, RIM.

Strong promotion to drive awareness

In order to insure consumer awareness and drive participation, Budweiser put a lot of resources behind the marketing of this campaign, with TV advertising, POS, OOH, and digital.

bud_cold_quote2.jpgTo kickoff the promotion, they created a “pop up” beach experience in the middle of Dublin. During lunchtime, an actual beach appeared in the City Centre, with deck chairs, an ice-cream van, a pig roasting on a spit, and even the Irish volleyball team playing an exhibition match.

To provide a unified theme to the promotion, Budweiser created the “Index Weatherman”, played by actor Scott Campbell. He was seen on billboards, the web, newspaper, plus on twitter and facebook feeds and on TV (see the ad at the end of this article).




Results: Huge level of interest and participation

And this extensive promotion plan paid off. During the first weekend of the campaign, the Budweiser Ice Cold Index app was downloaded over 30,000 times, thus making it the most popular app in Ireland! In fact, over the course of the promotion, over 150,000 people downloaded the app, which Budweiser figures is over 50% of the target market!


Equally important, consumers used the vouchers (and therefore tasted the product) on a regular basis.

bud_cold_quote1.jpgIn fact, over the course of the summer the average participant consumed 4 pints of Budweiser. Given that the objective of the campaign was to try to break into established drinking habits, this is very important, as it meant that for these consumers, Budweiser had become a regular part of their consuming behavior.

Christopher Wooff, Senior Brand Manager, Budweiser, commented, “This is a really exciting time for Budweiser as the brand goes from strength to strength in Ireland. Budweiser Ice Cold Index is an innovative concept, which we feel will excite consumers and we are thrilled to be the first brand to bring mobile vouchering to the Irish on-trade. We have had such a positive response from our on-trade customers with over 2,500 participating bars nationwide.”

The “Index Weatherman” TV ad:

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