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Euro 2012 On Your Mobile –
A Big Hit With Fans!

euro-212.jpgWith Euro 2012 just recently finished, O2 Media has released some information about how football fans stayed in touch with the championships via their mobile device.

They found that a huge percentage of fans relied on their mobile in some manner to follow the matches, even to the point of watching a live match on the phone.

The survey found that 91% where getting their tournament stats and information via their mobile device, while 79% actually said that their mobile device was their preferred way to keep up to date with developments.

In regards to what they were using their device for:

  • 88% said it was in order to check scores and results
  • 73% to text friends during matches
  • 79% to get the latest news
  • 41% to watch match highlights
  • 38% to place a bet on the outcome of matches
  • 23% to watch a game live

“It is a commonly known fact that if you love football and you are not there, then the desire to be near a screen, be it big or small becomes a priority. Said Claire Valoti, MD, O2 Media. “There is also a serious point to the work we have been doing with this segment. They are very engaged and very open to receiving messaging so brands that want to engage and associate themselves into this space have a very active audience.”


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