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Everyone Can Dance!
Using A Mobile App To Sell “Just Dance 3”


When Ubisoft was preparing to launch their Wii game “Just Dance 3“, one of their key objectives was to broaden the target of the Just Dance series beyond their traditional core customer base of teenage girls.

Widening the audience for the games meant finding a way to market to non-traditional Just Dance fans, and it turned out that using a mobile app was a great way to go!

Just Dance had been a popular game series on the Wii, but the appeal had been primarily limited to teenage girls. Reaching a wider demographic and showing them that Just Dance 3 was a fun game that everyone could enjoy would be key to growing the Just Dance franchise.

just_dance_wii.gifFor the European and Australia launch, Ubisoft worked with Crispin, Porter & Bogusky to develop a special mobile app called “Autodance”. Available free of charge from the iTunes store, Autodance had two key objectives:

First – to reach out to people from all demographics groups and show them that a dance game can be fun, regardless of their talent.

Second – create a viral buzz by having these people to generate their own dance videos and share them with their friends.

Here’s how it worked:

  • Download the app from iTunes
  • Use your phone to take 4 short video clips of one of your friends doing their best dance moves
  • The app synchronizes their moves with one of the dance tunes from the game.
  • Now you have a great dance video to share with your friends on YouTube, Facebook, or in person!


The results were spectacular:

• over 3 million apps downloaded
• over 12 million videos made
• over 1 million videos shared on YouTube and Facebook

And most importantly, Just Dance 3 became the best selling video game in Europe over the Christmas period!

Be sure to check out this video below that shows the Autodance app, and some great dance videos.

And here is the Just Dance site that shows lots of user-contributed videos.

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