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“Mobile – The Shop In Your Pocket”
A white paper from Velti

mobile_retail.jpgMobile Retail is clearly one of the hottest topics in mobile marketing today, and it is changing rapidly.

Now Velti, a leading provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions, has released a white paper, “Mobile – The Shop in you Pocket”, that looks at some consumer attitude aspects of mobile retail, and explains how retailers can take advantage of the “trusted position” they enjoy with consumers.

The white paper, which was written by market analysis company mobileSQUARED, focuses on two key themes:

  1. Consumers trust retailers to communicate with them over mobile. In fact, over 50% of UK consumers would opt-in to receive smart direct mobile communications with their favorite brands.
  2. The best way to engage consumers is through what Velti calls “Total Mobile Multi-Channel Marketing”. This includes SMS/MMS/email/social media/apps.

Consumer Trust

It may come as a surprise to many people, but consumers trust retailers to communicate with them over mobile, much more so than the travel sector, sports, or even financial services.


The key however is communicating with the consumers in a way that suits them, in terms of frequency, the device targeted, and timing, as shown by the graphic below.


Total Mobile Multi-Channel Marketing

Given the advanced state of today’s networks and mobile devices, there is a great opportunity for smart retailers to engage with consumers across a range of mobile channels, including SMS, MMS, email, Social Media, mobile sites, mobile apps. The reach and effectiveness of the retailer can be greatly increased by intelligently using a combination of these.


The full white paper provides a lot of additional information on this subject. It also includes a much greater level of analysis and discussion of the meaning and implications of the findings.

If you are interested in the area of mobile retail, we highly recommend this white paper as well worth reading.

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Additional white papers are available from Velti on the Velti website.
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