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EE Launches 4G In The UK – But Pricing May Be A Problem

ee-4g-launch.jpgEverythingEverywhere (EE), (the UK mobile operator formed by the combination of T-Mobile and Orange) has launched the UK’s first 4G service but the initial reaction is that pricing plans may be a problem.

A survey conducted by found that 72% of Brits were put off 4G by the pricing that has been announced.

For 500MB of data, the cheapest tariff starts at £36 a month, rising to £56 a month for 8GB.

Many other consumers in the survey expressed frustration at the company’s lack of an unlimited data plan. At present, around 7% of UK mobile users consume more than 8GB of data each month.

Thinkbroadband’s editor Andrew Ferguson said: “At current pricing it is very clear that most of the population would not be able to afford the service, and the usage allowances do not approach what fixed line broadband allows, where even in rural areas a 10GB usage allowance with voice line rental can be found for £27 per month.”

However, while EverythingEverwhere retain control of the market, there’s not a great deal customers can do about it – either bite the bullet and cough up the fees or hang back until prices inevitably drop in a few months’ time.

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