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How You Use Your Mobile Depends On What You Want To Buy

mobile-shopping.gifOver the years there have been a number of studies about the mobile shopping behavior of consumers.

However, now a new report shows that in fact consumers utilize mobile devices differently depending on their specific product or service need, as well as the vertical market they are interested in.

The study by Nielsen, xAds and Telmetrics looks at a number of factors relating to the “mobile purchase path”. For example, one factor is the different purchase timing across categories. The data shows that someone searching for a restaurant has an 87% chance of making a purchase in that category within the next day. By contrast, in the travel category only 33% said they found themselves a day away from purchase.

Mobile is almost unique in its ability to target customers in very specific localities with advertising. As the study found, 84% of mobile information searches were looking for business details. 73% were searching for a business phone number.

So what does this mean for advertisers? Put simply, it shows that a well-targeted promotion has a very good likelihood of grabbing customers with high intent, and this knowledge is a potential goldmine for mobile advertisers seeking out new means of targeting customers.

Below is one of the infographs from the study, you can get a full copy of the xAd/Telmetrics Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study here.

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