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A Look At The US Smartphone Market – Samsung & Apple Now On Top

smartphones-3.gifMarket research firm comScore has released their latest MobiLens figures on the state of the US Smartphone market.

This new report shows that while Samsung continues to lead the US market with 26.3% share of US subscribers, Apple at 17.8% has managed to pass LG and now holds second place.

While both Samsung and Apple managed to increase their share over this time period, LG’s market share actually dropped from 18.4% to 17.6%.


When it comes to smartphone Operating Systems, Android remained the leader rising from 52.2% to 53.6% while iOS (34.3% up from 33.4%) came in a strong second. The big loser in the platform war is clearly third place RIM, which saw a sharp drop from 9.6% share to 7.8%.


One other facet of the smartphone market examined by comScore was the consumer use of various content related services.

Not surprisingly, SMS remains far and away the most comment form of content consumption with 75.9% of Americans sending text messages. However this is now followed by downloading of mobile apps and browsing the mobile web, both of which have more than 50% penetration with users.


Click Here to get a comparison with the similar figures from about 2 1/2 years ago. At that point, browsing was more popular than downloading apps, but both were less 30% of users. And the popularity of accessing social networks was roughly half of what it is today, 18% vs 39%.
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