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Mobile Takes Over Social Media:
More Than Half Of Facebook And Twitter Users Connect Via Mobile

facebook-twitter-mobile-2.jpgMany people expected that social networks and mobile would be a natural combination, but now the numbers are in.

According to recent statistics from comScore, in the US during September, over 50% of Facebook’s and Twitter’s unique users logged on via their mobile device!

This represented 30.6 million (53.9%) users out of 56.7 million unique users of Twitter, while for Facebook 91.5 million (51%) out of 179.4 million unique users interacted with the site via their mobile device.

However, the best-performing digital property on mobile was online radio service Pandora with 81.2% of its 59.9 million users coming from a mobile device.

The research, the first in the US to measure unique users across computers smartphones and tablets, also found that across all the sites that were measured, 54% of the 234.9 unique users tracked used a mobile device.

While this is great news for social media sites, more traditional outlets have struggled to get consumer to interact from their mobile device. For example, Viacom owned sites such as MTV and Nickelodeon have only 28% of users coming from a mobile device.

If one believes that usage of mobile will continue to grow, especially for younger consumers, than having a site that works well for mobile users will be increasingly important, hence the strong focus on tracking these kind of numbers. But the news might not be good for some companies such as Microsoft, whose properties had less than a quarter of their 168 million unique visitors coming from a mobile device.


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