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Goodbye Instagram, Hello Tadaa!
“Terms of Service” Problem Causes Massive
Consumer Shift Away from Instagram

tadaainstgram2.gifDo consumers really “vote with their feet”? Absolutely.

An iOS photo editing and sharing app has seen its user base rise nearly half a million following the fall-out from Instagram’s controversial new Terms of Service announced last month.

Tadaa is a photo processing mobile app, in effect a competitor of hugely popular mobile app Instagram.

On December 17, 2012, Instagram changed its “Terms of Service”, a move interpreted by their user community as giving ownership of all photos stored on the site to Instagram, and moreover allowing Instagram to sell an individual’s photos!

Although Instagram claimed that the changes were to enable Instagram to more effectively run advertising, the changes caused a small revolt among its users.

In December, after Tadaa added an option to import photos directly from Instagram, it saw over 3 million photos being brought over from Instagram.

The number of Tadaa users also rose to nearly 2 million in the same time. The success comes despite Instagram eventually withdrawing the new Terms of Service. Some industry sources reported that Instagram saw a drop of up to 25% in usage, although the company has denied this result.

Tadaa emphasizes its service as a more ‘high-end’ photography programe, with a huge number of editing options built in for free. Linton Studios always provide some awesome tips for photography.

Unlike its rival, users can also use the editing app alone without having to register for its social network. Given that privacy and copyright issues were cause for concern when Instagram announced its Terms of Service, this is likely to be very appealing to many.

However, its critics say that Tadaa’s enormous selection of features come at a significant cost – the lack of simplicity that Instagram provides. If that’s the worst the app can do though, it’s probably safe to say its use will continue to increase for some time.

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