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Social Media’s Huge Impact On
Mobile and Internet Sales
“Sharing” and “Social Login” Drive Interaction

social_media_logos.gifFor most mobile and internet shopping sites, the first step in using social media was to add a “Like” or “Follow Us” button to certain pages.

Not a bad start, but now there are much more powerful ways to use social media to drive mobile and online sales. This infographic looks at two key strategies for building commerce through social media.

Taking full advantage of social media can be key to a mobile or internet commerce site. Beyond simple Like or Follow buttons, sites that use social media sites for login gain a lot of advantages. And actively “sharing” with consumers also can increase a brand’s success.

social_media_login.gifFor example, this infograph shows that shoppers are getting more us to using social login’s on sites, 41% in 2011 compared to 28% in 2010, when they make their purchases. This is critical as it helps minimize abandoned shopping carts which is one of the biggest reasons for missed online purchases.

It also shows the power of social logins for consumer interaction. Even for something as simple as leaving a comment, sites that allow for social media logins (e.g. through Facebook or Google+) find consumers spend much longer on the site – an average 3 times – compared with those who have to sign up to specifically.

Take a look at the infograph, produced by online marketing company Monetate, for more information about how powerful social media can be for driving mobile and online sales.

[note: to see a larger version of this infograph, go here and click on the image]


Over the next few weeks we are going to review some of the best infograph’s that we came across last year but that did not get published.

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