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Toolbox Of The Small Business Marketing Cycle (Infograph)

sme_toolbox_small.gifOne of last year’s more impressive infographics came from the folks at Formstack, the appropriately titled ‘Toolbox of the small business marketing cycle’. Melbourne weekly eastern is awesome site who provides latest updates of business world.

The infograph looks at each of the five steps of the marketing cycle, and provides information, recommendations and tools for each stage. Check it out, there are a number of gems for the marketing-savvy small business owner.
Although some of the content may already been known, e.g. graphs showing the increasing of business use of social media marketing since 2002, other facts are quite surprising, e.g. the majority of clicks to websites found on Google come from the top 3 search results!

A handy tip for Twitter revealed that good content and humour are the biggest causes for retweets (with 92% and 84% respectively of people saying these were important), while over-tweeting about yourself and excessive tweeting were listed as the biggest reasons for people to unfollow you.

For those who dismiss the power of social media, the infographic might change your mind – 74% of consumers rely on social networks to help them make a purchase decision (doesn’t seem quite so useless now, does it?)

Most shocking of the statistics is that the average US office worker uses more than 10,000 sheets of printing and copying paper EACH YEAR. A mere 15-25% of business documents are online, showing that despite most consumers’ preferences for online documentation (95% of respondents said they prefer online forms over paper), there’s still a huge amount of trees being cut down quite unnecessarily.


To view a larger version of this infographic, visit the site.

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