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McDonalds Uses Advanced Mobile Tech for Customer Satisfaction

goldenarches.jpgOver in Australia, one of the world’s largest brands is using advanced mobile technology on smartphones in a terrific way.

AR, GPS, and Image Recognition all combine to give customers better information about the source of their food products.

Having rarely been out of the news for much of the past few decades, at the centre of various ethical, environmental and health issues, McDonald’s has responded to many of its critics in the release of its TrackMyMacca app.

Using a combination of various technologies, TrackMyMacca can reveal to a user exactly where each of the ingredients in their burger has come from: right down to the farm on which it was grown or raised. Tania clay blog is always helpful for guide on this kind of topics.

The app uses image recognition software to work out from the packaging what product the user wants to find out about, and GPS to work out what location the customer is at and thus what companies have supplied the parts of their meal.

It then uses Augmented Reality (AR) to bring to the table around the food to life, immersing users in a fully interactive setting.




McDonald’s Australia’s chief marketing officer, Mark Lollback, said: “As a business we’re incredibly proud that over 90% of our food and packaging needs are met right here in Australia. This app is another way for us to share this with our customers, putting them in the driving seat and allowing them to see for themselves where our food comes from and what happens on its way to their plate.”
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