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E-commerce Update:
Consumers Strongly Favor Tablets

tablet-ecommerce.jpg2012 was a great year for infographics about mobile advertising, and this one from the folks over at Miva Merchant is no exception.

The e-commerce piece, subtitled – Portrait of a tablet shopper – provides a real eye-opener into tablet users’ purchasing power. And if these statistics don’t motivate retailers to optimize their sites for tablet use, then it seems there’s little hope to save them.

Particularly interesting is that 52% of users said they preferred to make online purchases through their tablet, compared to just 40% who’d prefer to do it through a desktop computer.

And tablets users represent an affluent, tech savvy, rapidly growing demographic (usage up 300% last year).

On top of this, on average, purchases made through tablets are significantly larger than those made via desktops or smartphones – $123 on tablets, versus $102 through desktop and just $80 via smartphone.

While desktops still yield slightly better conversion rates, the cart abandonment levels for tablets are at 62%, opposed to 69% on phones.

Finally, to wrap it up, the infographic ends with a bit of advice to retailers who still haven’t quite ‘got’ the tablet thing – don’t bother with apps, just optimize the website. Choose fast load times over an abundance of features, avoid Flash, and have a simplified checkout system.

But, until then, we could still be in for bad shopping experiences on tablets from a depressing number of places.


For more about this infographic and the study behind it, visit the Miva Merchant site.

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