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New Samsung / Electronic Arts Chillingo partnership to lure mobile developers

100payment.gifAndroid app developers looking to make a bit more money need search no more: a partnership between Electronic Arts Chillingo division and Samsung is offering them 100% of revenue on their work.

While the offer only lasts for six months, it’s bound to lure in developers to the new service. As it stands, both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore give cuts of 70%, although the latter has more control over app pricing and, as a result, the developer’s profits.

There’s no suggestion yet that there’s any exclusivity agreement (i.e. the offer extending only to apps for Samsung devices), although this is hardly prohibitive – with 42.5% of the world market share for Android phones last year, Samsung are by far the largest company in this area.

The 100% indie programme kicked off on in March, and will fast track the first 3000 developers to sign up.

It’s a smart move from Samsung in particular: it’ll give incentive to developers to premiere their new apps through Samsung rather than Google Play or Amazon Appstore, and could give the company a big boost in the software market.

This could spell trouble for Google though, with the Wall Street Journal already reporting its concerns over Samsung’s success and fears the latter may use its new power to renegotiate existing arrangements and eat into Google’s lucrative mobile advertising business.

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