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Leading Flash-Sale company says
UK tops mobile commerce

vente-prive-2.jpgVente-prive is a global pioneer and leader retailer in “flash-sales”, i.e. selling branded overstock items to their members.

Mobile commerce is a natural fit with flash-sales, as there is often a need to react quickly to sales.

Recently Vente-privee released figures which showed just how important the mobile channel is in various European countries.

Globally, Vente-privee has a member base of 18 million people. Over 1 million visits are made to the site each day by mobile.

In Europe, the UK is the clear leader in mobile commerce for Vente-privee, with 32% of all revenue coming via mobile. In second place is the French market at 29%.

In addition, the UK has the highest percentage of “mobile clients” at 41%, with Germany coming in second at 35%.


Of these mobile clients, 71% are women. They tend to be somewhat younger than the non-mobile clients, with an average age of 39 years compared to 41 years for non-mobile.

These UK mobile clients are good consumers, making an average of 7 purchases per year, with more than half of the purchases being made via mobile. In contrast, the non-mobile clients average just 5 purchases per year.
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