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Early adopters give smart TV’s the “Thumbs Down”

smart-tv.gifAccording to consulting firm Strategy Analytics, early adopters of Smart TV’s have given them the “Thumbs Down” as viewers prefer to use tablets and Smartphones in order to access online media.

This could be bad news for TV makers who have been trying to make the TV into a device that takes care of all browsing and media needs.

The survey found that although half of the people surveyed had bought a smart TV in the last 3 years, none of them where using it as their main source of connected entertainment because other devices where deemed easier to use.

It added that while traditional TV will continue to play a key role in the home, people will “increasingly rely on the convenience of personal devices and OTT TV/video services” to support their entertainment needs.

The main problem seems to be the consumer experience offered by these products. With those who had yet to purchase a Smart TV saying that the products that were currently on the market did not offer “adequate experience”.

“OEMs and app developers are failing to provide smart TV users with apps and services that enhance the TV experience. Furthermore, an intuitive remote that works fluidly with the UI and provides ease of text input with an integrated touchscreen is imperative to consumers finding the apps and services functional on a TV,” said Strategy Analytics senior analyst for the firm’s user experience practise, Taryn Tulay.

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