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EA Sports runs leading edge mobile campaign to launch FIFA 14

FIFA 14 is the latest version of the EA SPORTS FIFA series, one of the most popular video game series ever.

This year, EA Sports decided to run a very targeted mobile campaign around the launch of FIFA 14, trying to reach true football fans, and at the moment when they are most in the mood to think about football.

There are several features of this campaign which are intended to enable EA to deliver the most compelling message to the right audience at the best time.

  • Location Aware – The ads use a feature of Mobsta’s platform called Smartfence. This is essentially a geo-fence, which only allows ads to be served when a consumer is within a certain location. In this case, the location must be within 3 km of a selected football stadium. In addition, the “fence” will then adapt its shape and delivery of inventory based on responses from consumers within this area. The ads appear in both iOS and Android location enabled apps.
  • Personalized – Rather than a single creative which is shown to everyone, the ads will be dynamically rendered depending on which stadium the consumer is near, and which game is being played.
  • Time targeted – The second main dimension of targeting is time; the ads will be served only during the time period around actual football matches. This is of course when the stadiums are full and the targeted customers are already thinking about football.
  • Rich media – The basic ad is a simple banner. However the engagement mechanism provides for it to expand to full screen, and then show a FIFA 14 video ad. (see the image and video below)
  • Mobile website – Finally, to close the m-commerce loop, there is the possibility for the consumer to click through to a website, mobile optimized, to actually purchase the game.


EA’s media agency Ted@MediaCom setup the campaign with Mobsta, the mobile division at AD2ONE. The campaign will be active across the UK, and will target 400 Premier League games, UK-based Champions League games, as well as England’s World Cup qualifying games.

Caroline Simpson, Manager, TED@MediaCom, said: “Time targeting aligned with the hyperlocal targeting and the ability to support this with video based rich media ensures that we will be engaging with the target market at key times and with unparalleled relevance.”

The FIFA 14 video that plays in the ad

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