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Groupon’s mobile success:
half of revenues from mobile

groupon_mobile.jpgDaily deals pioneer Groupon, has announced that it is now getting nearly half of its revenues from purchases made via a mobile device, with less than 40% coming from the original direct email approach.

During its quarterly earnings call, CEO Eric Lefkofsky said that Groupon was “uniquely positioned to lead in the world of mobile commerce.”

This announcement shows that Groupon is having success in migrating its business from its original focus on push e-mail onto a mobile-based pull model.

However Lefkofsky added that: “Despite the fact that our apps are great for browsing deals, we still have yet to change consumer behavior such that the majority of our customers interact with Groupon in real-time on a daily basis. We’ve made great strides in mobile but we have a long way to go,”

The company reported that revenues were up by 7% to $608.7 million during Q.2 2013, while North American revenue growth was up by 45%. Further to this the number of active customers, who had purchased a Groupon within the last 12 months, was up 12% year on year to 42.6 million.

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