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Tablets are “Awareness Machines”
New study shows tablets best for video ad recall

ipad-gladiator3.jpgVideo ads are proving to be an increasingly effective means of communicating with consumers.

However, with consumers now able to view video on smartphones, tablets, PC’s and TV, the question arises as to which platform is the most effective.

This study from IPG Media answers that question clearly: the Tablet is an Awareness Machine like no other.

IPG Lab teamed up with YuMe to investigate video viewing on different consumer devices by comparing the media consumption habits of over 8,000 people.

According to IPG, the study was designed to answer 3 key questions:

  • Where and how tablet users view video
  • Which devices garner the greatest viewing attention
  • Which devices deliver the greatest ad effectiveness

As detailed in the infographic below, the results show that “Tablets are Awareness Machines”. They have the most attentive audience, the least distracted audience, and the un-aided recall is highest from ads shown on tablets.

Clearly this sort of analysis is very valuable to advertisers as the more and more video consumption switches over to these alternate, non-TV platforms.


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