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Facebook’s mobile update:
mobile nears half of total ad revenue

facebook-revenue-small.jpgFacebook surprised the mobile industry last quarter by announcing that mobile revenue represented 41% of total Q2 ad revenues.

Now third quarter figures have shown a further increase, with mobile representing almost half of Facebook’s rapidly growing advertising revenue.

This is very impressive considering that during the third quarter of 2012 mobile ad revenues accounted for only 14% of Facebook’s income.

In addition to seeing mobile represent an ever expanding part of their business, Facebook has seen a very rapid growth in overall revenue over the past year. Revenue for Q3 2013 advertising grew by 66% compared to the same quarter a year previously, reaching $1.80 Billion.

Finally, Facebook reported that their mobile active users had reached 874 million, an increase of 45% compared to the same period in 2012. So it is clear that Facebook’s increasing mobile ad revenue is based not only on an increase in total users, but also on being able to increase the revenue per active user.

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