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Mobile Shopping Habits: Mobile Vs PC

mobile_shopping.jpgAn interesting piece of research from Millward Brown Digital has looked into consumers shopping habits and compared them on the mobile and PC platforms.

The research shows that mobile shopping is more transactional than PC shopping which is mainly used for research.

According to the research the main activities performed by Mobile shoppers where:

  • 50% – Found store information
  • 48% — Compared prices
  • 46% — Made a purchase
  • 44% — Reviewed a product description
  • 43% — Checked the status of an order
  • 39% — Looked for coupons
  • 32% — Checked to see if an item is in stock at a specific store
  • 31% — Looked up shipping information

Further to this the mobile shoppers where found to visit retail sites an average of 6 times a month compared to just 3 for PC shoppers.

“Mobile consumers are much more promiscuous and less brand loyal,” Adam Guy, SVP of Business development at Millward Brown Digital told mCommerce Daily.

In addition, mobile shoppers have a tendency to interact with more ‘touchpoints’ during the shopping experience, and to use these touchpoints more intensely. Especially in the area of social media, mobile and tablet users interact much more than PC users, once again reinforcing the strong link between mobile and social media.


“These new data show that gaining a more complete view into mobile attitudes and behaviors is absolutely critical to getting mobile right,” said Stephen DiMarco, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Client Officer at Millward Brown Digital.
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