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Toys R Us: Voice Recognition to help consumers find the perfect gift


Finding the perfect gift for a child at Christmas time can sometimes be a very difficult task.

However, this past year toy company Toys R Us ran an innovative mobile ad campaign which included voice recognition to help mobile shoppers find just the right toys.

The campaign consisted of banner ads which ran on mobile sites such as,,, and When a consumer clicked on the banner, the ad would the open and ask a series of questions about the person the gift was intended for.

The consumer could answer simply by speaking into their mobile. And based on the answers to the questions, Toys R Us would then recommend a number of toys. And of course the ad also provided links to the Toys R Us mobile site so the consumer could directly buy the toys.


Katie Reczek, spokeswoman for Toys R Us said, “We know that this time of the year is extremely hectic for parents and gift-givers, and have enhanced our mobile shopping apps and sites to make shopping with us a more convenient, seamless experience.”

“Consumer data shows that voice recognition is a service that resonates well with our core demographic – moms — and we’re excited to launch this first-of-its-kind campaign,” she said.

The ads will also run on desktop sites, but in this case the consumer will need to type in the answers to the questions.

Toys R Us worked with agency Mobile Theory (an Opera MediaWorks company) to conceive and execute the campaign.

Mobile ads based on voice recognition are starting to be more widespread lately, and in the near future voice may well become a standard tool for mobile marketers. The voice technology used was Voice Ads from Nuance Communications.

According to Brett Leary, Vice President of Mobile at Digitas. “Compelling user experiences are critical to mobile advertising – you have only a few seconds to capture the interest of a demographic that is always on the go, multitasking, and seeking instant gratification. Voice Ads engages multiple senses while creating an even stronger emotional connection through conversation with a brand.”

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