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Facebook Ads: Key strategies to maximize returns

fb-thumb-ads.gifTwo things have become very clear recently:
• Facebook is serious about providing many advertising opportunities
• Consumers love to use Facebook over mobile

This excellent whitepaper looks at recent trends in Facebook advertising, and recommends specific strategies for maximizing returns from Facebook campaigns.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a communication and advertising medium that cannot be overlooked. There are now tools available – both from Facebook and from third party vendors – to enable advertisers to reach consumers in a highly targeted, relevant way.

However, the evolution of Facebook advertising and the development of the advertising tools has been so rapid that it can be quite difficult to understand all the possibilities and to devise the optimum strategy.

Published by Marin Software (, this whitepaper provides first a look at the most important trends in Facebook advertising, such as native advertising, mobile, and customer audiences.

In addition, for each key trends the whitepaper provides specific strategic recommendations that can be used by Facebook advertisers.

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