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Coke launches special “interactive” bottles for World Cup 2014


World Cup 2014 will soon be here, so Coca-Cola has launched a special series of bottles to celebrate the event. These collectible mini-bottles are decorated with special national colors, and are interactive so that fans around the world can connect over the “Copa del Mundo”.

Coke is a major official sponsor of the event, and is putting a lot of marketing effort into World Cup related campaigns.

coke-2014-interactive-3.jpgThis new series of 18 mini-bottles was released in Brazil on January 15. The bottles are decorated in the flags of the 15 previous hosts of the world cup, plus the next 3 host nations (Brazil, Russia and Qatar). There are also 2 special-edition Coke bottles as well.

And there are even mini-coke cases to hold them in.

In order to collect a bottle, a fan must send in a certain number of bottle tops or can rings plus R 3.80 (about €1.20)

The bottles are made of aluminum, and don’t actually contain any Coke! But they are good for attaching to bags or phones or key chains as a bright accessory.


These mini-bottles were quite popular in ’80s, but now there is a new twist for the 21st century, based on Facebook and Augmented Reality. Here’s how it works:

  • Football enthusiasts from around the world can participate via a Facebook app, on the Coke website, or on an Android or iOS app.
  • These international supporters each create a “virtual fan” from their country by choosing an avatar, and then writing a message.
  • Brazilian fans in turn download a special AR app that lets them participate.
  • This mobile app uses the smartphone camera to recognize the graphics on the mini-bottle. This triggers a special animation based on the two countries involved, the message from the international fan is delivered, and interaction between the Brazilian fan and the international fans is initiated. All contact information is transferred via Facebook.

“The intention is to provide an opportunity for fans to participate in the World Cup, as well as meet and make Brazilian friends,” Coca-Cola says in a press release.


The promotion of these special bottles is being backed by a broader print and broadcast campaign from J. Walter Thompson. Here is video of the promotion.

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