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Facebook Rolls Out New Ad Targeting Options

fb-thumb-ads.gifFacebook has announced a new set of targeting options for advertisers wishing to engage with Facebook’s users.

The options are designed to allow more flexibility for advertisers wanting to target by location, demographic, interest or behaviour.


Advertisers can now target consumers in a mixture of locations (countries, states, cities and zip codes), whereas previously advertisers were restricted to targeting users within the same geographic type.

For example, this would allow an advertiser to target a city such as New York, as well as a state such as California, and a particular Zip Code in Florida.

Finally the new location targeting allows advertisers to exclude areas that are not of interest to them. Together, these new capabilities provide a much more fine-tuned, precise targeting.


Core Audience features have also been expanded with the following now available:

  • More relationship types such as civil unions and domestic partnerships, in addition to the existing single, married, etc.
  • Life changing events such as marriages and engagements
  • Professional information such as workplace, job title and educatation

facebook-ad-targeting.pngFurther to this there is an increase in flexibility on the limitations that can be set to on the timeframe for when a status was set. For example, a brand can target people that got married just within the past 3 months (previously the time frame was longer, e.g. a year).


Interest based targeting options have also been redefined and upgraded. Previously, targeting an “interest” would only select users whose interest matched exactly the one selected. So for example, before an advertiser who targeted “baseball” as an interest would have a different result than if they targeted “Baseball”.

Now, brands can select a segment like “baseball”, and Facebook will pull in all the people that have like or expressed an interest in baseball, Baseball, #baseball, or any other baseball related topic.


A new behaviors targeting option allows advertisers to target people based on things that they have purchased and what device they used to do this. For instance, if you want to reach people interested in music that use iPhones, you’ll use behaviors as part of creating your target audience.

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