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Mobile revenue from Pinterest explodes!

pinterest-logo.jpgAccording to research published by Piqora, mobile revenue from Pinterest users is climbing dramatically.

Retailers and brands using Pinterest saw a 224% increase in mobile revenue in January 2014 compared to a year earlier.

pinterest-on-phone.pngWe all know that mobile internet overall is growing quickly, and traffic to Pinterest’s mobile site has gone up by 73% since January 2013.

However, the data also shows that that this amazing growth in revenue from mobile comes from two main factors:

  • Transactions from mobile are up 77%
  • The average order value of those transactions is up by 79%

All of this data shows that Pinterest users are acting on the information they get from Pinterest and this is translating into shopping intent. They aren’t just browsing on their mobile devices, they are shopping, researching, and buying products.

As mobile use of Pinterest continues to grow (currently about 75% according to Pinterest), clearly there is a major opportunity for brands to use this channel to attract customers. The key for the brand will be to make sure that their websites are optimized not only for mobile, but also to support pinning.


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About the data: This study used Google Analytics referring source data from Pinterest’s mobile website to 400+ brands. The sample included 45% apparel brands, 25% home decor brands, 20% retail brands and some other categories.

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