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Mobile e-mail takes over

mobile-email.pngThis is a topic that we don’t often feature, but marketing by mobile email is becoming increasingly important.

A recent study by Yesmail interactive has shown that the percentage of consumers interacting with email exclusively on mobile devices is now over half (52%), and the growth rate of mobile generated orders is triple that for desktop PC’s.

The study, which analyzed 6.4 billion e-mails sent during Q4 2013 across several different industries, also found that the number of mobile orders went up by 58%. This compares with desktop order growth of 29%, clearly showing that mobile orders are rapidly gaining in importance.

Within the mobile orders, tablets dominated. According to the study, almost 60% of the mobile orders were in fact coming from consumers using tablet devices.


“In quarters past, marketers have been embracing mobile as a variable in the consumer journey. Now, mobile should be marketers’ primary focus,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “The increase in mobile sales indicates that consumers are not only more comfortable with mobile, but more comfortable with immediately acting on emails opened on a mobile device.”

One interesting sidelight is that “hybrid” viewing of emails is dropping rapidly. This is the scenario, for example, where an email is opened once on a mobile device, and then again later on a desktop PC. The number of hybrid email viewers dropped by almost 40% from the previous quarter, and is now very small.

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