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Twitter advertising gets new mobile features

twitter-clicktocall-title.jpgTwitter has started a trial of Click to Call by allowing advertisers to include this feature in their sponsored tweets.

This option will enable consumers to speak directly to the brand, and will be “particularly appealing to direct response advertisers looking to generate leads, drive app downloads, collect consumers’ email addresses and induce incoming calls from customers,” according to Richard Alfonsi, Twitter’s VP of global online sales.

The move could allow twitter to monetize the local ad market, allowing local stores to offer special deals to interested twitter users in the stores vicinity.

The new feature is part of their exploration of different potential advertising services that it can offer it advertisers in order to monetize it’s consumer base.

This is what the the “click-to-call” option will look like on a sponsored Tweet:


This follows the announcement that Twitter’s ad rates had dropped for a seventh straight quarter during the final three months of last year. In spite of this, Twitter is still seeing a growth in the amount of revenue it brings in from advertisers, as more users are engaging with the ads by clicking on them, retweeting them or favoriting them.

“In the event that cost per ad engagement continues to decline, and we are unable to continue to offset the impact of such decreases on advertising revenue by increasing the number of ad engagements, our advertising revenue would decline,” Twitter said in the report.


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