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World Cup Fever:
McDonald’s GOL!
A New AR app for World Cup 2014


Big sporting events always mean big advertising budgets, and brands trying to go the extra mile to capitalize on the fans’ enthusiasm.

The biggest sporting event of 2014 is undoubtedly the World Cup in Brazil, and McDonald’s has launched a new campaign using augmented reality to engage fans while they are eating.

The campaign involves McDonald’s redesigning it french fry packaging on a global scale for the first time. Renowned street artists from 12 of the world cup nations have provided unique, graphic themes for the french fry cartons.

“This is the first time in brand history we’re changing the packaging design of one of our customers’ most favorite menu items on a global scale, and what better reason than to share in the excitement of one of the most prestigious sporting events in the world,” said Steve Easterbrook, Global Chief Brand Officer of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s began by reviewing the work of 500 artists around the world, before commissioning 24 of them to create “exceptional interpretations of the glory of the beautiful game”. And these graphics in turn are used to trigger the AR game.

mcdonalds-worldcup-ar-4Customers can download the McDonald’s GOL! app which works on both iPhone and Android devices. Once they have the app, it’s as simple as pointing their phone’s camera at the artwork. As the device recognizes the artwork, a football pitch (aka soccer field) will appear on the screen, and the customer can begin to play the game.

In this virtual game, players try to move the football into the box of fries, which serves as the goal. They do this by flicking a finger across the screen to shoot the ball.

Scoring often requires making trick shots off or around real world obstacles which appear on the screen. Better shots earn more points, and all points are totaled up by country and reported daily.

The app also lets customers replay a game if they like, as well as share their best trick shots with their friends.

The technology behind the app is Qualcomm’s Vuforia mobile vision platform, and this is reportedly the first use of their new Smart Terrain functionality. Smart Terrain lets the AR app incorporate real world surfaces and objects into the game play (for more on Smart Terrain see this YouTube video).

“Our digital vision at McDonald’s is to bring an entirely new level of everyday convenience and fun to the world, and our Augmented Reality app is just one example of how we are bringing fun to our customers’ lives,” said Atif Rafiq, McDonald’s Chief Digital Officer. “We are very excited about the numerous opportunities in front of us to bring even more innovative digital experiences to our customers in ways only McDonald’s can do.”


Also available through the mobile app is a video that shows people making amazing trick shots with a soccer ball.

Here is the video, check it out, the shots are incredible!

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