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NIVEA – Protecting children from more than just the sun.

Nivea has long been established as a brand that stands for protecting people’s skin – on the beach, when skiing, all the time.

This summer in Brazil, Nivea wanted to expand their engagement, particularly with mothers, and particularly related to sun protection products.

The result is one of the most interesting campaigns we’ve seen for quite some time, combining a branded mobile app with a disposable location tag to provide parents with peace of mind at the beach this summer.

The main goal of the campaign was to win new consumers for NIVEA Sun Kids, and so the key message of the campaign was to reinforce the product’s main attribute: protection. But in this case the idea of protection was extended to mean not only protection from harmful sun rays, but also protection against a child wandering away while playing on the beach.

This unique advertisement ran in special copies of Veja Rio magazine sent to a selected group of subscribers. Attached to the magazine page was a special locator bracelet.


To use the locator, the parent simply removed it from the printed page and attached it to their child’s arm. The locator was made out of humidity resistant paper, and according to NIVEA, it can be used several times.


The bracelet contains a bluetooth chip. To activate the locator, the parent downloads the NIVEA Protege app, and “pairs” the bracelet with the app. The app is capable of tracking multiple bracelets, so the parent can also assign the child’s name to each bracelet, as well as setting the alert perimeter.


Whenever the child wandered further away than the perimeter setting, the app would alert their parent. The app could also help then find the child by indicating to the parent if they were getting closer or further from their child.

Here is a video of the campaign and the locator bracelet in action.

“NIVEA Sun protects skin from the sun, allowing even more people to enjoy sunny days. Our goal is to offer benefits that go beyond skin care, so when the agency introduced the ad to us, we found the idea innovative and one that directly linked to our position,” explains Tatiana Ponce, director of marketing and trade for NIVEA.

Clearly this “child locator bracelet” is not a terribly sophisticated device, and there could be many situations where for example it might fall off and therefore not locate the child. But still it is a very interesting campaign that reinforces the brand’s key message while bringing utility to customers.

This campaign won the Grand Prix Mobile Lions award in Cannes recently. Mobile Lions jury president Jaime Robinson (executive creative director at Pereira & O’Dell) said the idea quickly resonated with the jury. “We loved that it was the perfect marriage between the right media, delivering the right utility, delivering the right brand message, at just the right time and place for the audience.”
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